“A smile is the best armour in life’s little battles”

Hello Hello!!

My name is Ruqya Khan (with a Q please), I am a wordsmith. I work with words – spoken and unspoken. I inspire people to look inwards, find clarity and learn to smile even in times of chaos. Many of you probably know me as the SMILE Strategist! I help people get from feeling stuck to unstuck in any area of life – health, academics, in relationships and even at work using my simple but effective S.M.I.L.E. strategy.

I am an inspirational speaker, an award winning change maker, a Life Coach and mentor to many. Yes, I don many hats and who I am in the moment depends on who or what is across the table from me. Agility comes easily in what I do.

To take that leap of faith and trust the process has been my way of being. It is with this enthusiasm that I run my world of words.

We go through life day after day wanting to fit in. We beat ourselves out of shape to match the size that people around us chose for us. We go silent when we want to scream. We chase goals that are not our dreams and then wonder why life is unfair!

To me, a redefining moment is when you choose to be – unapologetically you!

I think that the reason most people stop themselves in their own tracks is because they feel a sense of comfort in being common. There is familiarity in doing the usual and going with the flow. However what if your destiny is against that flow. Why must you choose status quo as your reality or identity even?

I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, an author, a life coach, an award winning change maker and an internationally recognised inspirational speaker.

The roles I play did not come to me from destiny. I had to embrace them and make them my own. My son was eight months old and my daughter had just started school when I decided to do more in life than diapers and dishes.  When most women hang up their boots, I chose to wear my shoes.

Life is a series of events and at each juncture you have the chance to accept or redefine. That is what separates the ordinary from the extra ordinary. My life is no different – of course being a SMILE Strategist has its perks but beyond that I am just me…Ruqya Khan